Monday, December 6, 2010

The Final Doppelganger

The stars of my yoga video have some doppelgangers elsewhere in the world.

Mostly in Kansas.

I've been using this yoga video for a few years now, and over time I've noticed that there are some lookalikes to people I actually know doing stork pose and sun breath on an old 90s VHS tape.

Of the five people in the video, I had identified doppelgangers so far for:
  1. A former boss of mine
  2. My friend Nancy
  3. A former customer from S-Bux
And, most recently,

4. Mike's sister

But that last chick, the one who does the modified poses to demonstrate for the less flexible, I could never identify her. Until now.

I thought maybe she was someone I knew from church, one of the many in my past, so I really couldn't tell you if she's from Colorado, Kansas, or if she taught Sunday School, chaperoned a youth event, who knows.

I discovered tonight, though, that she looks like a girl in one of the classes I'm taking now.

Finally, mystery solved. I was feeling a little unbalanced, greeting my friends each time I worked out in my living room, but feeling like there were a couple of strangers who I was ignoring.

So while I didn't exactly do any cardio exercise this evening, I think the fact that I solved a mental puzzle counts as multitasking. Nay?

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