Friday, December 31, 2010

Some things never change. Even in 2011.

Thrilling evening here, kids, ringin' in the new year, Bailey style.

Earlier we watched The Muppet Christmas Carol (that really is thrilling, I'm not mocking the tremendous humor of that film), talked about manatees and ferrets over dinner, then watched the Shaytards, and now I'm preparing to pack a suitcase to go see

best friend forever Nicky Pie!

(Psst! That's a fraternity sweatshirt! Haha, he doesn't really like for people to know about that.)

Anyway, I'm thinking of pouring myself a glass of wine to be a little less lame. I wore an old lady sweater (that I bought new, last week) to get pedicures with the sisses and Mama this morning, and we were discussing whether or not it was appropriate that I own it. I mean, it's no secret that my personality matches it.

When the boys met us for lunch today, Dad said, "What a great sweater for Chinese lunch!" He was not prompted to review the sweater, so I'm gonna take that as a go-ahead on the future wearing of the sweater. Not that any jesting about said sweater, or ballet slippers, or mismatched colors, or...would affect my decision to continue wearing all of the above, often together.*

I'm sure Nick and his roomie--who I am yet to meet but, don't worry, it's gonna be like Three's Company (minus one girl and plus one boy) in no time--will give me a full review of the sweater, especially considering Nick's longtime hobby of mocking my outfits.

I don't know why, those earrings are hott--and go with everything:

Okay. So here's to continuing to be an old lady in 2011, and to not making a resolution to regularly clean my car.


Be safe in the new year, and on this eve with much drinking (seriously--be SAFE! Here's to continuing to be a worrywart mother too).

Smooches, thanks for making it another great year on the Daily Bailey!

*To my credit, I've gotten a lot better. I think even Nick can vouch for that. It used to be sweatpants and ponytails all the time, y'all.

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