Thursday, April 16, 2015

I've got this

I am having a life lesson in patience.

How am I doing? Got any results yet?

I have just exhausted all my vacation. I am nearing my credit limit (a dear coworker recently told me, "That's a limit, Bailey, not a goal"). And I want to go to, in no particular order:

South America
New Zealand
Chicago for a wedding
Indiana to meet my nephew

So these things all work together in harmony, yes?


I must be patient. I must refocus on the little things I love. Each and every tiny cross stitch made to slowly create a full pattern of color.

Mailing my Hawaii souvenirs to friends and family, with notes about how awesome snorkeling and whale watching was.

Walking around the office twice a day, soaking up that vitamin D.

Listening to Celine Dion Christmas music in April.

Sending friendly emails at work.

Lunch breaks.

Freelance writing.

Writing my memoir (oh wait, that is proving to be boring. But I will soldier on).

Watching Netflix with my boo.

Petting the smooch poo kitty baby.

Putting lotion on my feet and hands.

Getting ice cream at the grocery store and chowing down on it after my runs.

I've got this.

Will be dreaming of New Zealand.

But I've got this.


Oh yes, and reading! I will read. I will read like I've never read before!

I've got this. [Gulp]

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