Monday, April 20, 2015

Who says you can't be happy on a Monday?


I am high on life today.


My apartment is quite clean!

I might be able to review books on my blog soon! (Well, I can do that any time, but I might be able to get books for free!)

My apartment is clean!

I went to the grocery store last night, so I don't need to go tonight!

I might cook chicken!

And green beans!

Or just eat a popsicle!

I've got it all!

My apartment is clean!

Seriously, though, I'm just in a great mood. Wheels are churnin', thinking of all the different places I can write in the world. Thinking about how my benefits at work are soon going to start accruing me extra vacation time, so I can travel to Europe/South America/Australia/Asia/San Diego/Santa Barbara/Yosemite/EVERYWHERE. Thinking about my clean apartment, my sweet kitty, my adoring boy toy.

Thinking thinking thinking, happy happy happy.

Thinking about how my new style is to braid my hair at night so I have elementary school/hippie waves each day.

A coworker and I have a little something we call "squirrel mode," which is meant to describe when we are hyper and doing lots of work things in rapid succession, or with much nut-hoarding type focus.

This afternoon I yelled out "Squirrel mode!" and then told her how happy I am and she said she was, too. In fact, we said "happy" at almost the exact same moment, during our confessions of happiness.

Which made me happy.

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