Friday, April 17, 2015

The difference between writing a book and writing a blog

Writing a blog post: I've done that. 1,000+ times.

Writing a book: I've only just started that.

Writing a blog: My essays are wrapped up, sometimes without conclusions, but wrapped up with endings of some sort, in less than 3,000 words, usually.

Writing a book: Books are long. I'm only 13 pages in and I've already tried to jump ahead and begin all the deep life analysis several times, which kind of gives away the ending.

Writing a blog: Fun! Light! Airy!

Writing a book: Long. Hard. When will it end???*

*I'm doing a great job on the pre-release marketing of this not-yet-written book.

Writing a blog: I have a (small, but existent) audience.

Writing a book: I have no audience. Will anyone ever read it??? Why am I writing it, then???

Writing a blog: "I have something to say, let's say it before going to bed this evening."

Writing a book: "I have something to say, but I forgot what, exactly. Something vaguely about mental health and spirituality. Where does my story start? When do we get to the exciting part? Should I be writing a novel instead? Maybe I should dabble in short stories? Poetry? Can I go to bed yet?"

Writing a blog: Something I do when I'm bored. Sometimes the words just flow effortlessly from my fingers. It's delovely!

Writing a book: When I'm bored, this is one of the last things I want to do.

Writing a blog: I love it.

Writing a book: Despite all the struggles, I'm still glad I'm tackling it. Even if it all has to be scrapped after the first draft. And I've got at least a couple of great writing coaches/cheerleaders behind me in my effort.

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