Saturday, April 18, 2015

Taking a day off (maybe)

I'm not sure I could be much lazier on this Saturday.

I've already pretty much officially cancelled my workout for the day.

I would desperately like my apartment to be clean, but while I can happily think about that happening, I can't seem to get the body to follow suit to take action.

I don't even want to take a shower.

Depressed? I hope not.

Bored? Probably.

Lazy? Yes.

I texted Alex last night about how I was being hard on myself, and he called me right away to chat it out. He told me it's OK to take a day off, to quit being so hard on myself.

So I might be taking a day off.

I mean, let's be honest, I may very well finish typing this and do laundry, or work out, or clean my apartment (oh man, if my friend Laura was here, she would keep me in line until this place was sparkling).

But right now I'm trying to ease in to nothing.

Even making coffee was a chore.

I talked to Daddy Dearest over the phone waves. That was something.


I put a new thumbtack in my map of places I've traveled. Maui is now covered by a polka-dotted circular pin.

I have mucho presents for family and friends from the island that need to be mailed.

My running shoes -- when I'm using them -- are treating me well. The $300 orthotics inside I think are fending off some plantar fasciitis symptoms, which is also great.

Earlier I was petting Max, and saying over and over, "Are you the sweetest?" and then he did that thing that cats do, without warning, when they've had enough, and he nipped at me.

It was kind of funny.

I kind of want to read, but not sure I have the concentration level.

What I should do is get off my arse and take my laundry downstairs. Because I love clean laundry.

Speaking of things I love, I'm continuing to work on my list of 1,000 things I'm grateful for. I'm creeping towards 500 things, which is exciting!

What color should I paint my nails?

Should I add little polka dots or swirlies to the nails?

Does anyone else love the satisfaction of vacuuming like I do?

See? All these happy thoughts about cleaning, but no action.

Anyway. I'ma let you all get back to your Caturday and stop boring you with my whining.


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