Friday, April 17, 2015

John Le-t her sing

I say this as someone who has possessed two of his albums.

I say this as someone who was transfixed on that morning of Spring Break during sophomore year of college when I first heard "Ordinary People" on MTV.

As someone who then tried to find that video on MTV's website and listened in vain to the choppy, buffering version of the song, wanting oh so badly to hear it again.

As someone who sat on Samantha's bed in Africa, talking about the structure of the whole Get Lifted album.

"It's like a story," Samantha said. Start to finish, each song weaves together to tell of a journey. The couple breaks up, then gets back together, in song.

As someone who has been known to practice her signature phrase, "Holla!" in song version as she stole it from the start of his song "Used to Love U."


...I'm kind of tired of John Legend's -- oh so unique!! -- voice.

I know!! It's terrible that I feel this way!


His more recent single, "All of Me"? I want it to be slower than it is. So it could be due to his songwriter, not him, that I am irked by the song, but ultimately it's making me want to take a break from him.

And then, final salt in the wound, is his new duet with Kelly Clarkson.

Probably my favorite song on her album so far, "Run Run Run," is great.

And then John comes in to accompany.

And I kind of just want it to be a solo piece.

Is that so terrible?

It might be.

Because his voice is so original, and pretty, and soothing. And his songs are so fun, or beautiful, depending. And at least one of them incorporates my signature word.


I'm sorry, John. If you invited me to party on your yacht or go backstage at your concert, this would all be water under the bridge.

'Cause we're just ordinary people.

Maybe we should take it slow.

Slow oh oh.

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