Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Things I need to do

I think I beat my body up. Not literally, but I mean, I may have over-exercised it.

My legs be tiiiiiiired.

And my feet.

My willingness to move is not exactly there.

Also I need dental floss.

And Drano.

And a whole mess of other things.

I need to shop.

I need -- OK fine, want -- to shave my legs.

And clip my nails.

I want to put lotion on my skin. Have a general grooming session, really.

I want to clean my apartment and clean it some more and then clean it again.

I want endless energy to do all these things.

OK not endless. But some energy that would last for a long time.

I want to freeze time to get all these things done.

I want to read, and cross stitch, and sort through those papers that are mostly trash but that need to be sorted through.

I need to pay my utilities bill.

And then rent.

And then I need to search for a new apartment with my future roomie.

I need to rinse this sunscreen out of my eye.

I want to scan pictures.

Revise an essay. Snuggle with my boo. Smooch on the cat.

Go for a hike.



I just need to breathe. Breathe through it.

And maybe get a cocktail after work.

Xo, y'all.

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