Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Animals in my Life Today

First. Leaving for work this morning, I briefly set my bag down on the kitchen floor. I was either going to run upstairs to say goodbye to Riley, or to pick up Dibbs for a final snuggle. Either way, seconds after the bag was set on the floor, Dibbs ran to it and settled down on top of it. When I picked him up off of it moments later, he gave me offended meows, pretending he didn't understand why I needed the bag. He didn't want me to go. What a doll.

Second. Driving through the park this afternoon, looking for a trail to run on, I came across a baby deer hanging out in the grass. Now I have seen baby deer before, but never one this small. This thing was about the size of a collie. And his ears were so big and flappin' around to shoo off the bugs. And he was all by himself, and totally content, munching grass. I opened my mouth really wide in excitement and looked around as if there were someone in the car to share the moment with, until a car came up behind me and I had to move.

Third. After finishing my 5 mile (!) run, I came across a woman and her dog at the trail head. They were paused so the puppy could have a drink of water from a tupperware container--how quaint. Well, said puppy got excited at the sight of me and decided to have a little sniff/lick. Gross. Well it didn't help the fact that I was covered in 5 miles worth of sweat, so once Homestar got a taste of the salt he decided to adopt me as his own personal little salt lick. Gross, again.

Well, experience one and two were fantastic, number three I could have lived without. But that pooch was probably pretty worn out, and if I was meant to assist him in restoring his electrolyte equilibrium today, then it was a small price to pay. (I did wonder, though, if his/her name was Bailey; if it was, I might take back that compassionate statement. I hate that people name dogs Bailey. FYI.)


  1. I've been meaning to comment on your followers increase to 16! Congrats! =D

  2. thanks darling.

    I'VE been meaning to make another post...will do before the day is up.