Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't ask, just don't go there

I am so damn sensitive.

Crying. (Almost) arguing.

Oh it aaaall happened today.

Warning: I don't want to debate anything, not until I get to winter break and even then! after I've had about three full days to at least begin to recover from my bone-deep and brain-deep exhaustion.

Then we can ease into sarcasm (careful now! tread with caution) and work our way slowly up to debating the day's comic strips. Then if I'm feeling like I can go on we can look into discussing favorite foods, movies we'd like to see. And then maaaybe we can dare to peruse the newspaper together. But don't get your hopes up.

Just save yourself some pissing-Bailey-off time and under no circumstances discuss the following for the next month:
  • cats vs. dogs
  • world travel
  • politics
  • employment (salary, hiring processes, plans for summer, all of the above)
  • prostitution
  • gender roles, marriage
  • baby names
Don't ask (I know, prostitution, left field--it just always seems to get me riled up), just don't go there.

[Big Exhale]. It's gonna be interesting attending class discussions for the remainder of the semester. Especially considering I don't remember the last time I kept my mouth shut for a 50 minute class session,* so I undoubtedly will break my own rule and join a debate, somewhere, somehow.

Look out, World. Over tired, sensitive Bailey is out and about.

*If nothing else I make sarcastic asides to my pal next to me. 50 minutes is a long time.

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