Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Dream of Research

Sometimes I laugh out loud at the research articles I read for class.

When I was reading about Sesame Street in a coffee shop, I lost it as I was caught off guard by a paragraph about children dancing to a song on the show. Of course the writing was very straightforward, but its static tone juxtaposed with its content about young students' "out-of-control dancing" had me cracking up despite the audience of strangers around me in Kaldi's.

Tonight I was reading about horoscopes in magazines whose readerships are either primarily middle- or working-class. Interesting stuff, truly. But when it gets down to which zodiac signs were more likely than others to be advised of something in particular "in 1992," I can't help it. That's just hilarious.

And just like a study would say that gender was controlled, or a sample was random, this one made note that zodiac signs were equally represented in the study.

Well, phew! We wouldn't want to leave Leo out of the equation!

I've also had at least one dream about conducting research in the last month or so. But I'm going to leave it at that before some of you decide I'm too much of a freak to be worthy of blog followers.

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