Monday, November 29, 2010

Possible TMI--you be the judge


I have the strangest zit.

Its placement? The tip of the nose. A Rudolph zit. A stereotypical-sitcom-teenage-acne-crisis zit.

Now I'm not vain about it. It actually just looks like my nose is cold. On one side of the tip of my nose. It's not that it looks bad.

It's that it HURTS!

The pain extends well beyond the epicenter, if you will, of the zit itself. And we're talkin' super tender.

Bonus problem: I blow my nose. A lot. I got home for Thanksgiving last week, headed for the tissues, and Dad said, "Foghorn's back." I went into my old Starbucks to visit and suck down some java during failed attempts at studying, and when I paused to blow my schnoz my old friends in green aprons looked up with reminiscent smiles.

Anyway, every time I bring a tissue to the nose it hurts like whoa. Light, thoughtless touches also send me reeling, wishing I hadn't forgotten my temporary condition. And if I purse my lips--like, while I'm thinking--in a way that moves my nose with it, yowsa.

I feel like a big baby today.

The weirdest thing is that at times it throbs, or feels like it's twitching, when I'm not even touching it.

Is this TMI, btw?

Anyway, it's just mega weird, and I hope the swelling goes down overnight, because I don't want to be interviewing a source tomorrow and suddenly yell "ouch!" when seemingly nothing touched me. All I have to do is unwittingly twitch my nose. Sorry, can't be held responsible.

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  1. UPDATE:

    I've noticed today that sometimes my motivation to scratch my nose is because it has that numb, tingling, almost itchy feeling you get when your face is numb after getting dental work done.

    So weird.