Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lazy bum

Trying to do homework on a Saturday night is kind of a lost cause.

I've looked up a soup recipe, searched multiple church websites*, added some books to my Amazon wish list (which I'm pretty sure only I look at, but it gives me a strange comfort to know it's there), perused Oprah's suggestions for memoir reading...

Amazingly I've stayed away from youtube. And if I was currently on facebook, you wouldn't even have to ask what I'd been doing with the last three hours.

Just FYI. If you ever tell yourself, "Oh I think I'll do some homework on Saturday night," you might find yourself doing other things instead.

*specifically, I've been listening to sermon podcasts to see which pastors' voices I find to be the most convicting. Not in a creepy way, just because that has a lot to do with my choice to listen and thus gather something from a message.

1 comment:

  1. i don't want to advertise too heavily, but i thought i might give you another place to check out. is my church. you can listen to some of our recent sermons at

    if 40th and washington is too far, we have a sister church (same pastors) at 74th and wornall.