Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Whatcha gonna do about it, Pops?

(Sorry for yet another Dibby post. But it's really a Dad post, so read on.)

I am inspired to tell this story because Dibbs the cat and I are in bed together right now. This is a triumph because while Dibby used to get in my bed regularly, about a year ago there was a bedroom rearrangement and then later there was a whole move to another place, and just in the past week or so he's finally jumped back on the bed which I love because I spend a lot of time lounging on my bed and I like kitten company.


Back in the day when I was living with Mom we were laying together in her bed in my parents' room talking on the phone with Dad who was in Cali (because she was still working in Kansas but Dad's job had already started in California, blah blah). One of us told him (jokingly, I think, but honestly I can't be sure) that the cat was in the bed with us, just to make him squirm 1300 miles away. Dad, who

"hates cats"

said with hardly a pause,

"There's a what in the which?"

We laughed. It was funny.

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