Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bored on a plane

Remember that time I was flying...and flying...and flying.....?!


I'm not complaining -- I mean, I obviously am -- but I'm not because I just finished up a WEEK in EUROPE!!!!

So it was awesome.

But currently I want off this plane. My flight anxiety is very low this moment (could be the Xanax), so that's fantastic. But I'm so tired and can't sleep in this chair.


I would fill you in on my Europa trip right now, but I want to be more witty and less cranky when I write it.

I've taken some notes, though, so I can remember the highlights. Because we did a LOT, and all my days are running together, so I need to remember what exactly I did each day, more or less.

Remember that time I was bored on the plane.

That's what they should have called the movie. Forget snakes.

Bored on a Plane.

Done. I'll get to gettin' on the screenplay.

FORTY FOUR MINUTES left????!!!! How is this possible??????? [Pulls down her bottom eyelids and makes face to show the world she is miserable].

They guy next to me keeps nodding off, doing that thing where his face leans forward and jerks back up. Poor guy. See, people?! He needs a bed, too! No more chairs! No more flying today! No mas! No danka!


OK bye. I go surf Facebook now. Which, in other words, is back to life as Bailey knows it. Facebook, cross stitch, snuggle the cat, smooch on Alex, repeat the cycle. It's not always jetsetting around Europe for this one.


Auf wiedersehen!

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