Sunday, June 26, 2016

Weight loss diary #9 -- dizzy

I'm a li'l dizzy. 

I think I need to eat. 

I ate super well yesterday, but:

I'm not sure I got enough protein.

And I drank more alcohol than I would have liked. I mean, at the time, it was what I would have liked, but now I wish I had consumed less. 

Church starts in an hour. 

I'm not sure if yogurt with banana and chia seeds (and cinnamon! Yum!) will hold me over until lunch. 

I'm reading scripture today at service, so this would be a bad day to pass out. 

Not that I've ever passed out in my life. (I truly haven't, but have a strange fear that it will happen, particularly at the gym). 

Right now I feel like a McDonald's McGriddle (it's basically pancake and sausage, in a sandwich form) would curb the dizziness -- I mean, I hope. But I know that's not a healthy choice. 

It's like I'm in a hunt for calories, because I know eating calorie-dense things (like greasy pepperoni pizza) fills me up and prevents lightheadedness. Not that I'm prone to dizziness -- this is pretty strange that I'm experiencing it. 

It's hard to get my head to a place where it knows that healthy things will fill me up. If that makes sense. 

I feel like baked chicken would fill me up right now, but it's 9:28 a.m. 

Yet I think pizza would be justifiable right now. [Rolls eyes at herself].

All righty, here's what I'm going to do: 

Wash my face. 
Put on sunscreen.
Get dressed for church -- maybe I'll wear my new stripey dress from Ross!
Eat something -- probably yogurt and banana, maybe wash it down with a V8.

And then I'm gonna go to church. I'm going to hug the people there who I know -- yay -- and be grateful that I have such a wonderful church. I really love it there. 

When it's time for the scripture reading, I'm going to be a little nervous and self conscious, but I'm going to go to the front of the sanctuary and do just a tiny little thing to serve: I'm going to read. 

From Psalms. I love psalms. Oftentimes they make me cry. Especially this one

OK. Church in 45. Gotta go. 

Oh yeah. And the plan is to eat lunch and then get a workout in. Probably going to hit up the gym, but if Alex suggests a hike I might do that. With my new purpley hiking backpack. :)

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