Sunday, June 26, 2016

Killin' time

That yogurt I told you about earlier

Gobbled it up.

Then I drove to church, parked, went to get out of the car, and realized I forgot something at home:

the printed out scripture reading. 


Yes, we have Bibles in our church, but there was a specific translation I needed, so I raced back home to get it. 

Then I got to church and our pastor, Rustin, handed me a printed out version of a different translation he wanted me to read. Ha!

I did my reading, and got at least one comment after the service, thanking me for reading. So that was nice. 

I got home from church and had kale, hominy, salmon, carrots, peppers, tomato, parmesan cheese, chia seeds, and ranch dressing. 

I gotta say, as a RANCH LOVER, I didn't love the ranch. I've been addicted to balsamic vinaigrette for quite a while, maybe I shouldn't stray from it. 

I'm headed to the pool in a bit. I have a new high waisted bikini, but the cat is sleeping on the top piece. One of my bikini tops is being borrowed. And my tankini and swim skirt have gone missing. 

So I am left with two bottoms at the moment, and a top and bottom in the dryer. 

So, I'm going to wear the suit in the dryer. 

By the way, you know you live in Los Angeles when you own four swimsuits. I actually had five, but I finally tossed my one piece, because it was really old and stretched out. 


I'm thinking of picking up some beer, and bringing an assortment of beer and fizzy water to the pool. 

It's just soooo hot. And when it's hot, I want a beer. 

I haven't decided yet. 

Anyway. My clothes have to spin for another 11 minutes, so I'm just killing time right now. 

I could be packing a swim bag (I don't think I'm high maintenance, but I do take a lot of things to the pool -- towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, water, [beer]), but I'm not. 

OK fine, I'll go do that. 

Keep cool, everybody!

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