Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Jet lag journal

I'd like to do all the things right now.




Assemble all the souvenirs in one spot and take a picture of my efforts to buoy Europe's economy. (I did darn good, with over 25 refrigerator magnets purchased).

I am jet lagged......

Max (Max!) is next to me licking his pretty fur. We're happy to be reunited -- though when I picked him up at the sitter he seemed pretty comfortable and not exactly aching to go home. Which makes me happy that he was so happy and content for a week while I was away.

I took a Benadryl, I'm hoping it can knock me out for the next four hours until I need to get up and shower before work.

I didn't feel so much exhausted this morning as I did like I was on Jupiter. Things seemed literally blurry, and I felt confused and like I was slurring my words. So, I guess I felt like I was drunk.

Now I'm wide awake, and thinking about Katy Perry.

I think my feet are swollen. Still.

God, I had such a great time. Memories are just swirling through my brain, and my inner dialogue is going something like this:

"Remember this?!"

"Remember that?!"

"I need to write this all down!!!"

Don't worry, an official recap blog post is in the works. So far it's in the notes stage, but I'll get it done and posted for the "masses."

All righty, time to pet the cat and try and sleep.

Much loves,

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