Thursday, June 23, 2016

Weight loss diary #5

Are these posts annoying? Don't care. Still gonna post 'em. I've gotta journal, and because I'm me, I prefer an audience for my thoughts and feelings.

Just finished up another round at the gym. That's two days in a row, for those counting at home, of 25 minutes of cardio, and some butt/legs/arms/abs work.

I got really hungry before my workout, and I was out and about, so I grabbed a protein bar (full of fat, yikes) and a 2 percent (lowest percent I could get) milk at 7-Eleven. As soon as I finished them, I felt overly full, whereas five minutes prior I felt super stinkin' hungry.


I was wavering a liiiiittle bit when I bent down into lunge position today, but I did three sets.

I'm enjoying a -- you guess it --

fizzy water

at the moment. When hunger sets in, I'll either go for hummus and carrots or apple and peanut butter. Or another smoothie. Or quinoa.

Looking forward to a l'il shower, throwing on something light (because it's hot) and billowy (because I'm self conscious about my tum tum), perhaps smearing some make up on my face, and then heading out for my date with Jill Darling.

But before that, I think I'll chill with the cat and maybe stitch. Maybe read? I'm tearing through Rebecca Stead's "Goodbye Stranger" right now. She always has a mystery running through her tales, and I love her character development. In this particular book I have a heart for everyone, even the minor people; it's hard to make your readers feel this way about everyone who makes an appearance on the page, but Ms. Stead does it.

If my dad were in charge of this moment, he would say, "Work on your book!!"

We'll see.

Healthy hugs!

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