Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Weight loss diary #3

Last night I had kale for dinner.

Well, more than just kale, but still. Kale is kale. Read: not that interesting no matter how much you jazz it up.

The kale itself was crunchier than I would have liked (like, hard crunchy) and almost tart. It's not my fave, but there was a whole big plastic container of it on sale for 99 cents, so I decided to make that my green for the evening.

I put the kale in a bowl, then topped it with lentils (cooked in olive oil, onion, garlic, reduced-sodium taco seasoning and veggie broth), avocado, tomato, mild green salsa, just a touch of low fat cheese, and fresh lime juice.

I have to say, the lime juice really did wonders for the otherwise bland and almost tart kale.

I gave my friends taco shells to fill up with lentil happiness, and they sipped on beers -- mmm, cold Blue Moon on a warm summer night... -- but I ate my kale and drank my weight in lemon-lime fizzy water.

As I type this I sip on a cranberry lime fizzy water.

Fizzy water for everyone!

My gym bag is packed in my car -- complete with freshly-synced-and-charged iPod shuffle (purple), headphones, and a water bottle. I made sure to grab a hair tie when I left the apartment this morning.

After work I will possibly feel bored, tired, unmotivated. But I am going to the gym!

If for some reason I decide not to go to the gym, then my bod best be bobbin' in the pool, because Bailey needs to exercise!

I've lost a wee bit of weight -- at this point I won't say how much -- which is nice.

It's so strange, though, to have a goal of losing weight. I've never done that before.

Some positives about having this goal:

1. It feels good, plain and simple, to have a goal. Just like my goal of writing a draft of my book, or paying off my credit card after vacation, or getting a stack of paper off my desk at work -- a goal is a goal. I kind of like goals. I had to grow into them, as I've grown up, but I do like them.

2. I've found a newfound community in this weight loss journey. It's made up of people I already knew and loved before, but now I'm constantly texting, emailing, calling, walking down the hall at the office to chat -- to give an update about something. Even if it's as mundane as saying, "I ate kale for dinner!", it helps so much to talk to someone who is after a similar goal. We help curb cravings together; by just expressing to each other that we want an unhealthy snack makes it somehow easier to avoid that snack. We say stuff like, "I know, me too," and when we tell each other that we're headed to the gym we say, "Woo hoo!"

OK that's all my thoughts for now. Back to tackling paperwork and drinking fizzy water.

Health for all,


  1. I'm trying to do the Whole30. It. Sucks. Hard. I'm here to support you!!!