Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And my day went...where?

I really strive not to make this a "here's what happened in my life today" blog, unless it's about one particularly funny or moving thing that happened that day, but today I am going to tell you what I did today. And the reason being is that I think I seriously need a Routine Coach. As in someone to help me make a routine and make me stick to it. My day:

5:30am--alarm goes off...snooze, shower, rush to get dressed in 4 minutes flat
6:30am--at work
8-ish am--eat a piece of lemon pound cake and drink about 4 sips of coffee during my break, the first food or drink since about 11pm the night before
12pm--off work
12:05--bank to make a deposit
12:15--grocery store. Intent? To get milk and bananas.
12:30--run into my friend Nate's aunt, Aunt Beth, in the cheese section, with more than milk and bananas in my cart
12:45--still talking to Aunt Beth
1:15--finally leaving the grocery store
1:30--unload groceries, pet cat, eat
2:30ish--write essay for grad school app.
4:00--Gilmore Girls, episode I've seen at least 3 times
5:00--head out for a walk
5:10--cold rain begins to fall, did not check the weather upon leaving house
5:15--run into my neighbor, catch up on his life underneath a tree where rain is not falling as hard
6:30--put frozen waffles in toaster, walk away
6:32--waffles pop up
6:32--watching Friends, episode I've seen about 5 times
7:00--check email, get lost in Facebook vortex, do manage to write one productive, time-sensitive email
8:00--remember waffles, eat them, now cold (but not frozen)
8:10--eat banana, 4 slices of bacon, and drink milk while reading NY Times (my current love affair); FYI, today's front page story? Disney about to spend a LOT of money on new stores...
9:40--change cat litter
9:59--post on blog

I am so sorry to make you read through all of that, but I just want you all to see this and know that this is completely and 100% typical. I need help. :/

Accepting applications for Routine Coach, effective immediately. Employment benefits can be negotiated at time of hire. "Other duties as assigned" may include feeding a tabby cat.

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  1. Just call me coach.
    Nothing like the blind leading the blind.
    Do you really not have a cell phone?
    Have a nice day Dailey Bailey