Friday, October 2, 2009


Bailey had a pretty lame day. She needed a slow day, but still, it can be a little wearing by 8pm. Activities included pot of coffee, tv, shower, lunch, tea, a glorious 45 minutes at the park in which the sunshine was delightful but ultimately it was too blustery to remain, more tea, more tv, more tv, more tv, dinner, more tv. There was also an attempted nap thrown in there as I haven't been feeling well for a few days and am trying to fend off this pesky little fever-ache combination.

Dibbs, being the faithful little kitten he is, planted his little tiger-striped self into his own cat bed each time his human mother was in her big human bed. He waited until I got up to watch Gilmore Girls this morning to exit his own resting pad, when I laid down for an afternoon snooze he again cuddled into his bed, though he was bored and had been waiting for my return from the park in order to parade me around the house instead of sleeping. And then this evening when I finally turned off the tube, briefly gathered coloring books and then decided against filling their pages with pencil scratches, and got once more into bed, he followed suit.

He laid on a pile of papers while I brushed my teeth (he loves paper), but then when I officially settled, he approached his bed. He stood outside the edge, and gave the bed, then me, a look. "Really? We're doing this again?" But then with just a moment's pause, he dutifully stepped in, and only made a half-circle loop before lying down. After reading my Bailey White book for 20 minutes I looked over and he was actively licking his pelt, forgetting that a short time ago he wasn't thrilled about this idea. Five minutes after that he was snoozing. Easily influenced.

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