Sunday, October 4, 2009

A New Day

First, a Grams update: G'ma's hangin' in there, they stopped her IV and got her sitting up to control the fluid in her lungs, and they're hoping to discharge her tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on any mega changes, for sure.

And now, a grad school update:

To get myself excited, well, more excited, plus organized, I have begun a bulletin board of excitement. Bulletin board includes:

-calendars for October-February, highlighting application deadlines
-a map, with push pins in KC, as well as all potential cities where graduate school might take me (mostly coastal, in case you are interested)
-checklists for each school I am interested in--these mostly all look the same (application, fee, GRE scores, letters of recommendation...), but I am planning on sending a lot of pieces to a lot of different places, so I am being a little tedious here...and...I may have accidentally applied to an undergraduate program before when my intentions were to apply to the graduate program...maybe, I may have done that.

And finally, the board contains a picture of Celine, drawn by my brother Riley and his girlfriend Caitlin. Ri and Caitlin wrote me a book, entitled The Adventures of Super Bailey, that I received in the mail yesterday with great delight. The story involves me, Celine, and Dibbs, essentially conquering graduate school with our amazing vocal and dissertation-writing abilities. Since I know the authors personally, I was privileged to receive the pre-authoring "concept art" pages along with the final publication. Therefore without vandalizing the book itself, I was able to clip out Mini Celine and place her on the Board o' Graduate School Fun. She's kind of like an American Girl paper doll; when you can't bring your hundred dollar doll to school with you, you can bring the paper version. Celine is (apparently) my graduate school cheerleader, so I think it is only fair that she be pinned to the cork continent to take her seat as supervisor of the operation.

It has taken me hours to get to this point, so I have declared myself done for the evening. Ta ta...

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