Monday, October 19, 2009


Two days ago/tomorrow are my technical one year anniversaries at Starbucks. (Breakdown: Two days ago was the anniv. of signing my paperwork and getting paid for doing it, tomorrow is the anniv. of actually working in the store for the first time.)


Here is a list of some things I have learned to do in the past 365 days:

1. Steam milk.
2. Lift heavy bags of wet coffee grounds and other muck above my head to hoist into the dumpster, while getting the least amount of muck leaking from the bag on self. It's a mastered art, please don't underestimate.
3. Multi-task. For example, pour 140 degree soy milk on top of one drink, put a lid on 120 degree child's cocoa, place whip topping on 160 degree peppermint mocha, all the while having a conversation through a headset with a customer, "Welcome to Starbucks, this is Bailey, would you like to try a Pumpkin Spice Latte today?...Okay, that's a triple venti nonfat, no foam, no whip, 2 1/2 pump white chocolate mocha, a blueberry scone, a NY Times, and 8.5 napkins?...All right, your total will be $300, we'll see you at the window...Thank you"
4. Wake up at 4am.
5. Learn to shower at 4am and not think too much of it. Occasionally even shave the legs 3 hours before sunrise.
6. Grimace through interactions with the highest of the high maintenance customers, while being my lowest of the low maintenance self, yet smiling and wishing them a good day.
7. Look hott in green. Oh wait, that's a natural ability. ;)
8. Check out attractive male customers. Oh wait, also not a task I had to learn.

Well tomorrow I plan on celebrating my anniversary by...going to work. Wearing my green apron, checking out some hotties, multi-tasking. Essentially putting all these skills to use, minus the 4am leg shaving.

In addition I invite you all to celebrate with me. Yes, this is my permission (written, no less) for you to spend four dollars on a sugary treat of caffeinated goodness. If needed, feel free to print off this blog post and present to your boss as you slip out of your office to do so.

Latte love,
Barista Bailey


  1. I celebrated with you! I don't think you were there this morning, but I most definitely enjoyed my $4 worth of caffeinated goodness. :)

  2. grande iced americano with vanilla and room for (lots of) cream.