Monday, October 12, 2009

Truth and Dare

Is anyone else still afraid of the high dive?

I have gone cliff jumping (into water, obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this), I've done the rip cord, I'll ride any roller coaster you put me on and love it, but the high dive? Not so much. It just is not a thrilling feeling for some reason. That drop in your stomach occurs on the roller coasters, while jumping off a cliff, but 20 feet into the water off a bouncing board is somehow different.

A few years ago I jumped off a diving platform (you know, those super high, mega high dives that Olympians use) with my friend Devin, and I am still getting over it. He was so excited, and I had to go because I dare myself to do these things. But I hated it. And I remember the water hit my butt so hard that it stung for quite a while (I bet you didn't care to know that little detail).

I make myself go off the high dive whenever I'm at a public pool, because I feel ridiculous otherwise. "Bailey, you're 24, that 6 year old is jumping off the high dive." But perhaps this asks the question that we should all reconsider, if all your friends jumped off the high dive would you?


  1. Random, random thoughts about life is what makes this blog special.
    I do think you should just get over it and jump every time and be happy. (That from a guy who never jumps off the high dive. I don't like the way it hurts my behind either)

  2. Um, high dive? I don't jump off the regular diving board! There's no practical reason for it...just every time I get up there, my head starts thinking of all the belly or butt flops I've done before, or of people jumping in on top of me, and many other random things and I chicken out. So have fun with everything else, and we will be anti-high dive buddies :)

  3. I hate the high dive. Never did it, never will. (It doesn't help that I also hate public pools, but that's another story...)