Thursday, April 8, 2010

Catch up

I just got off the phone with my friend Tommy (because people with landlines can be telephoned and talked to, FYI). First of all, my dad answered the phone, and called to me, "Bucket!" to let me know the call was for me. Immediately Tommy asked, "Did he just call you 'Bucket?'"


I explained to him: a bucket used to bail out water could be called a bailing bucket, "Bailey" sounds like "bailing," thus "Bailey Bucket," my name since birth. Then I told him that my full name from Dad also includes a "Cakeflake," but I had no explanation for the compound word. So I called upstairs, "Dad! Can you get back on the line? We have a question for you."

[Tommy laughing in the background.]

I'd like to point out here that with the landline, Dad and I were able to speak to Tommy at the same time, without irritating Tommy's ears with the obnoxious under water effect made by a cellular speaker phone feature. Land line, 1. Cell, 0.

Dad got dutifully on the line, and Tom Senior explained to Tom Jr. and Bailey Bucket that basically he just made up the name Cakeflake. Tommy and I then proceeded (after Dad got off the line :) to discuss my dating life for over an hour. Apparently it is quite an entertaining topic, as we laughed a lot. At one point Tommy said, "I'm so glad I called you!" Feeling's mutual, bud.

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