Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sweet Dreams

A song that never gets old is really a marvel. I think that it might be


safe to say that, collectively, all the songs in the world that never get old, could count as the eighth wonder of the world.

But I only say almost. It's kind of a moot point anyway, because if you google "seven wonders" you get about 700 lists. So who knows what's true anymore.

Well I'd like to give a shout out here to the song "Dreams" by The Cranberries. My journey with this particular song goes a little like the following:

1995: The song "Dreams" is used in the trailer for the film release of The Babysitters' Club, one of the top ten movies of all time (one of the seven wonders of the movie world, if you will--and you will). In 1995 I want to see The BSC movie SO BAD, but will not actually see it until, I believe, 1996. On video. Never have I seen it in a theater. But, worth the wait.

1997: Brother Kelly gives Bailey The BSC on VHS for Christmas.

1999: Bailey lends The BSC to a friend, and never gets it back.

2001: Bailey is not mad at the loss, but rather glad to have passed along the joy that is The BSC on VHS; however, she cannot take being away from Kristy, Dawn, and Logan any longer and buys herself a new copy at Walgreens for ten dollars.

1995-2001: Anytime Bailey hears "Dreams" on the radio during this time period, Bailey thinks of The BSC, as well as her position in the world as Kristy Thomas' alter-ego (i.e. tomboy, three brothers, etc.).

2004: Bailey is home from college missing her friends very, very much, living the dream life of working 8-5 for the summer, but has a few fun weekends when her brother Kelly comes to visit. Bailey and Kelly are driving, listening to Kelly's Cranberries CD. During this particular drive Kelly and Bailey appreciate the delicious, heartbreaking artistry of the song "Linger," but one last listen is apparently enough for Kelly to part with the disc as he gives it to Bailey to keep. Now Bailey can listen to "Dreams" whenever she wants.

2010, March: Bailey is on the treadmill, losing her steam, watching "You've Got Mail" on the TV in front of her and listening to Hanks and Ryan through her headphones. She is about to get off the conveyer belt when the opening tones of "Dreams" begin to entrance her through the wires. "Ah, five more minutes, sure," she thinks, and watches the scene where Kathleen Kelly bounces down the street, thinking swoonily (not a word? don't care) of her nameless email crush. As Bailey runs she thinks fondly of her own crushes, past and present.

2010, April 7: Bailey drives home from ice cream bonding, scanning the radio with intense boredom. Stops instantly on "Dreams."

Tonight, I raise my stereo to The Cranberries. Good work, friends. You've given me a treat that is everlastingly sweet.

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