Friday, July 17, 2015

Christmas, Clueless, Culinary, Carvey

Anyone else listening to Christmas music in July?

Just me?


Tomorrow's Friday, Y'all!

What are you doing this weekend?

I'm going to the DMV, dressing up in 90s gear and watching Clueless, greeting homies at church, and otherwise chillin' like a villain.

I need to eat more vegetables.

If Alex read that last sentence he would smite his forehead, almost guaranteed.

Or, actually, now that I think about it more, he would yell at the computer screen, "Yes! You do!"

It kills him, my diet.

I tell him -- if I can BE SO BOLD to think this -- that we're like Luke and Lorelai. Lorelai eating Pop Tarts, tater tots, drinking coffee, Luke telling her how everything she's ingesting is going to kill her.

Alex caught me with Pop Tarts in my purse this year.


I'm charming. I can see why he dates me.

Dates me, and grits his teeth while I forego another vegetable and eat a protein bar instead.

I accidentally just typed "protein beer," so you can see where my mind and diet are at.

I'm listening to pop music. I need to be pumped up!

I'm thinking of Dana Carvey's Arnold Schwarzenegger impression (I just spelled Schwarzenegger correctly on the first try!!!) when I write "pumped up." He did a very brief impression of the Governator this weekend when I saw his stand up act, and it was enjoyable.


  1. I have had Christmas music on twice in the past week, and used you as a defense when Rick made fun of me! (Told him how we used to have it on quite frequently back when we were roomies)