Monday, July 20, 2015

Lightning and Costner and Thai, Oh my!

It rained in Los Angeles this weekend.

There was lightning.

That I could see.

And thunder.

That I could hear.

That was weird.

What else was weird is that, while I loved it that it was raining, it got me all anxious inside. I grew up around thunderstorms, much more violent than what occurred this weekend, but this little baby storm had me all nervous. I guess I've lived here long enough that not only do I need a jacket when it's 72 degrees but I no longer feel safe by simply being indoors during a thunderstorm.

So what else can I tell you about my life?

I'm eating sushi for lunch tomorrow. Yum.

I bought -- DON'T JUDGE -- another cross stitch kit.

But it's vintage and so so so cute and the expressions on the faces of the kids in the pattern have so much emotion and it involves rain and umbrellas.

So I bought it, but not to open yet.

It's my cross stitch of a rainy image to open on a rainy day.

Which, in LA, could be a while yet.

I watched the movie McFarland, USA this weekend. It gave me, as my brother calls it, that Mighty Ducks feeling at the end. And Kevin Costner has not aged. Whoa and whoa again. He looks maybe five years older than he did in Message in a Bottle, which was over 15+ years ago.

I had massaman curry and pineapple fried rice this weekend mmmmmmmmm.

I would love to wash my hair right now.

I appreciate you guys reading this "blah blah blah" stuff I sometimes write.

But with that, I think I'll stop blah blahing and leave you in peace. Over and out, for now. A bientot.

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