Friday, July 10, 2015


I asked Alex to guess what I was doing last night, as we talked on the phone.

"Eating candy?" was his first guess.

"You really like to eat candy," he said, backing himself up.

It took him about six guesses to get there, but he eventually correctly guessed what I was doing:

Stitch, stitch, stitching away on my bed.

Abby came home last night and said, "I wonder what you're doing," knowing full well.

"I have a problem," I countered.

"I think we call it an issue now," she said.

Oh snap.

All right, all right, I'm OBSESSED!

I could be addicted to much worse things, like drugs.

Or candy.

Oh wait.

This week I've purchased, cough, five, cross stitch kits online.







Here's the worst part, and the part that lets me know I have a problem: I don't even feel that bad about it.

Here's the part where I defend myself.

This is a relatively cheap hobby, it really is. You drop $3 - $20 for one kit that includes all the materials you need, and you are entertained for hours upon hours. Some projects take several months, or years, to finish. My biggest project that I'm working on currently has been in progress for almost two years now, and I believe I paid $10 for it.

Framing is a little (lot) more expensive, but that's besides the point. And in any case when I get things framed it's usually for a gift, so it's worth the extra cost.

I have a throbbing ache in my shoulder. I think it might be a stitch-related injury.

Last year I read a LOT of books. This year I've read a handful.

At the beginning of the year I wasn't reading because I was constantly hanging out with Alex and pulling late nights and just crashing at the end of each day.

Now I'm constantly talking about Alex and hanging out with him regularly, but I'm using every spare moment to stitch.

I stitch after work. I stitch while Alex takes a shower after we go swimming. While the oven's warming up. While I talk to Abs, as she adorably lounges on my floor and we catch up on one another's days.

I stitch in my car during my breaks at work.

Stitch. Stitch. Breathe. Stitch. (Sometimes) eat. Stitch.

But it makes me happy.


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