Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ma petite famille

I love my little family.

I mean, my actually family, yes, which is actually quite large.

But my other, little family.

Alex and Abby and Max.

There was a moment last night, Friday Night Lights paused on the TV, so that A & A could dissect what they thought was a flaw in the plot, their faces framing Max, lying between them on the couch, watching their every word.

Alex and I were eating dinner on the floor, and A fed Max some bits of chicken.

I looked over some time later, and M was sitting right on the edge of the couch, as close to A's face as he could, waiting for more chicken.

So precious.

I so wanted to stay home with that adorable feline today. He deserves to be smooched on all day.

Abby worked on her latch hook project as the drama of Dillon unfolded before us, and I nearly dozed on Alex's shoulder, up past my bedtime.

Last night was the first time anyone sat at our bar stool to eat food (before we moved the dinner party to the floor, picnic style), and Abby and I got very excited about it.

We love our home.

I get so happy when she gets home from work, or when I get home and her car is already in our parking space.

Abby gets nervous when Alex and I have disagreements. And by disagreements I mean when we're reenacting a conversation we had and Alex is claiming that I was more dramatic/animated/untruthful than I really was.

And then Abby feels pressured to take a side and says, "Guys....."

I love my little family.

The other night Alex said "kitty" in the same ridiculous childlike voice that I use, and he immediately shot me a look that said, "I blame you fully for the fact that I just said that."

We're all rubbing off on each other, in the best ways, in my humble opinion.

I go to bed later, Abby goes to bed earlier.

Abby braids my hair at night, so I'll have waves in the morning, and when I do it myself she compliments my form.

I put spinach in my smoothies like Abby does, and I make smoothies period.

I eat salads, a la Alex.

Alex says "kitty."

Abby and I imitate each others gestures, and catch ourselves.

We laugh when we talk. And we listen when the other's struggling.

When Abs and I get really hyper, Alex shifts his eyes and says, "I'm terrified of both of you right now."

I love my little family.

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