Friday, July 10, 2015


Aside from being a week behind on work -- whoa -- I am high on life these days!

And also addicted to cross stitch.

And buying cross stitch kits online.

And googling cross stitch patterns and kits for sale.

I have a problem not a problem.

But I may or may not have just purchased a bunch of cross stitch kits so if you need a decoration for your home just let me know, K?

I think being away from the office rebooted my system. Not that I hate my job, but I needed a little break.

Also I am wearing swimsuit bottoms because I am out of clean underwear. Laundry party tonight!

But really: high on life.

Excited about the books to read, the things to stitch, the laundry to be washed, the chores to be done, the pouring of lentils and granola and rice into glass jars in the kitchen.

Do I have a problem?

I'm going with no.

Whoa, I also just reread the sentence about things I'm excited about and could I sound any more domestic?

I saw my niece and nephews last week, and two of them are really into stickers. They had A BALL sticking stickers on everyone's shirts.

Sticker on one person, sticker on the next, around the circle then back to the first. Stick, stick, stick.

We went to a petting zoo in Wisconsin that included an alligator.

That was weird.

My brother decided to put a piece of dried corn in his mouth to see if a chicken would peck it directly from between his lips.

The chicken did.

Dad took pictures of his four kids playing on -- and slightly bending, with our adult weight -- a swing set.


Alex asked me last night how my novel is coming.

Um, memoir, I said, and gave him a look.

He acted like there wasn't a big difference between the two and I gave him another look.


Did you guys see "Inside Out" yet?

Did you cry like me?

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