Friday, July 10, 2015

Wish they all could be California

Alex called me a California girl this week.

OK, technically he referred to me as a California "person," but it's more fun to say girl because then it gives me an excuse to sing Katy Perry Beach Boys lyrics.

The Midwest farmers' preachers' daughters really make you feel alright.

I surprised Alex by jumping into the pool without prompting, because two days prior I eased in to the water with much "whining and crying," as he would say it was so.

It was after dark, so the water wasn't even in the sun, so it was a brave move to just plunge in like that.

As we were swimming laps, I mentioned that the water wasn't as warm as it could be, because the weather hasn't been as hot this summer as it has in previous summers.

And that's when he said it.

"California people are crazy! It was 100 degrees four days in a row last week!"

"Did you just call me a California person?"



He might be right, though.

About me being a California person.

Not about the weather. He be crazy talkin' about that.

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