Friday, July 31, 2015

Three (very important) things


I'm listening to The Nutcracker.


I listened to it yesterday, too.

Christmas in July, Y'all.


A fair portion of my income is being contributed to 7-Eleven.

I should probably curb this trend.

Did you know they have Simpsons donuts?


This morning, I kid you not, I looked at the sun and thought, "Oh, full moon."
I kid you not.


It was hazy, and I had on sunglasses, so the sun had that effect where you can look directly at it almost, because it's not glaring at you directly but instead is hiding behind some cloud cover.

And also in fairness, you can see the moon during the day, so. Ya know. Fair mix-up.

Shut up, I'm blonde.

(A blonde with a master's degree. It's OK. I'll be fine. I'll just buy myself a 7-Eleven treat and hum to myself and feel better.)

So anyway. Yeah. Remember that time I looked at the sun and legitimately thought it was the moon?

Alex is currently plotting ways to break up with me. And my little brother is laughing at me (This is not my first struggle with astronomy, as he will be happy to tell you).

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