Tuesday, July 12, 2016

1,000 things list -- Installment #7!

Hi, All!
I've come up with another 100 things I'm grateful for! Only 300 to go before I meet my mark of 1,000! Join me in counting your sacks of sugar.
601. Stale marshmallows
602. Checking my credit, to see if it's eked up a few points since the last run of my numbers
603. When someone needs something -- Advil, a blanket, a toothbrush -- and I have it with me to provide them
604. Sharing a pair of gloves with someone -- each person wears one to stay at least partially warm -- when you only have one pair between the two of you
605. Listening to a song with someone, sharing a pair of headphones
606. Recording episodes of the 90s podcast with Rosie and Deniz
607. Children's books that incorporate great vocabulary. Let's stretch those young readers!
608. Chalking up a pool cue, then blowing the dust off the tip
609. When that person you've been waiting for -- particularly family or friends who have come from a long distance -- arrives at the door
610. Lasagna
611. Pineapple on pizza
612. Singing in front of a big crowd - what a rush!
613. Seven layer dip
614. Dalmatians
615. Getting an extra drink at the bar because you know it's payday
616. "Unto us a Child is Born" from Handel's Messiah
617. Seeing my niece and nephews!!!!
618. How clean everything looks in Adobe Acrobat documents
619. G-chatting with someone during a slow day at work
620. When you're hiking, someone says "Look!", and first the voices drop off, then the gravel stops being ground beneath everyone's feet, and it suddenly gets quiet. You didn't realize it wasn't quiet, but then all of a sudden it gets romantic and awkward and peaceful and awesome all at once.
621. Skinny Pop
622. That scene in The Family Stone when Ben and Meredith are at the bar on Christmas Eve
623. Dolly Parton
624. The whole opening section of The Santa Clause when Charlie's being dropped off at his dad's house and then the drive to Denny's/the scene at Denny's. "This is nice."
625. Grover
626. Sesame Street
627. The word "kerning"
628. Getting a text message
629. When people call it "sunblock" instead of "sunscreen"
630. Sleepovers
631. Sleeping in claustrophobic spaces
632. Matching pitch
633. Star-shaped pony beads, and how they make me think of childhood
634. Pony beads
635. Variegated braids
636. Spending time with my former Kansas neighbors, Phil and Lorri (and Carly when she's in town)
637. Ali Wong
638. Yarn pom pon balls
639. Girls' nights out/in, girls' weekends, girls' shopping/spa days :)
640. Those 6 packs of Oreos. Don't ask me why.
641. Vivaldi
642. Music - the great equalizer
643. Red wine
644. White wine
645. When a plane lands -- no more worrying about safety, and no more being bored in the cabin. And if you're on vacation, huzzah! You've arrived!
646. Getting to the office early, when it's nice and quiet.  
647. Classical music
648. Making happy lists like this
649. The fact that I chased down some bloggers, met them in person, and now we share book recommendations and writing updates with each other :) :) :)
650. When someone shows his or her appreciation for you, both in action or in concrete, pointed statements
651. Artistic/creative/unique/moving nativity scenes
652. Images of Santa Claus kneeling at the manger
653. The fact that parrots habitate in trees just outside my office building. Parrots! In LA!
654. Hank Azaria
655. B movies
656. Kathy Bates
657. Selecting photos for a Facebook album, writing captions, and tagging people. Gettin' it all ready before hitting that magical button: "Post." Then watching all the likes and comments pour in, then responding to all the comments with great wit and glee.
658. That orange smear left on my napkin when consuming tomato soup
659. A friend of mine calls sunglasses "sunshades." I enjoy that.
660. Finishing a book
661. Starting a new book and immediately falling for it
662. Falling in love
663. Harbors
664. Paintings that speak to me
665. Coolers filled with beer
666. The way things look when they're freshly cropped on your computer screen
667. Kathy Griffin
668. A good key change
669. Sun-dried tomatoes
670. Water -- in all its healing forms
671. Kathleen Madigan
672. Eating McDonald's fries when they're really too hot to eat, but knowing that's actually the best time to eat them, because their flavor increases as their temperature does
673. Any Marisa de los Santos novel. So good. So, so good.
674. The way Bill Bryson can make me laugh right out loud
675. The book The Big Year by Mark Obmascik
676. Hanging out at the Maui Sugarmill
677. Sending my parents a care package and hearing their excited reactions to all the items in it
678. Finishing a cross stitch project
679. Starting a cross stitch project
680. Being smack dab in the middle of a cross stitch project
681. Being unabashedly obsessed with a hobby that brings me so much joy (and so much joy to those who receive my finished projects)
682. Meditation music
683. Adorable Disney merchandise
684. When roses bloom
685. The sizzle-pop of a match being lit directly from another flame
686. The way I just get so. ex. cited! when I get to see one (or all) of my brothers after I haven't seen them in a while. This beautiful, sacred, one-of-a-kind, ancient-engraved-in-my-bones-and-being hyperness sets in, and all we can be doing is walking down a hallway at a hotel but I just become this giggle monster who's SO HAPPY. Nothing like it.
687. Writing things in my calendar. I like looking forward to things and being excited about my rich life.
688. The snapping of a carrot in a horse's mouth. The sound, and the pressure.
689. The song "Baby Love"
690. Watching dominos topple
691. Crazy quilts
692. That show "The Chew." Those folks have legit, good chemistry!
693. Reading through this list and actually feeling happier as a result
694. OK, I admit. Sometimes. I like snow. Or, maybe I love it. But only sometimes.
695. The sound of bowling pins toppling
696. Being in Europe :) :) :)
697. Being in Hawaii
698. It's kind of lost its novelty for me, and I get stressed out and emotionally out of whack with the long drive there and the long walk from the parking lot, BUT. When the moment is right, I love lying on the beach. Not really listening to the surf because it just blends in and becomes a part of me.
699. Being healthy. Priceless.
700. When a masseuse uses his/her forearm to glide along your back. Why is that so effective??? Feels so good and really gets at those knots! Amazing!

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