Thursday, July 21, 2016

Weight loss diary -- Seeing your choices not as failures, and treating your body like a friend

Skittles and sunflower seeds count as worthwhile food when you're so hungry it feels like your stomach's eating itself, right?

I know, I know.

I suppose you also don't feel I should have selected a Happy Meal for my lunch, either.

(Actually, it was a Mighty Kids Meal, but HM rolls off the tongue better).

To be honest, I'm not enjoying these Skittles. I bought them as a treat for my drive home from Yosemite this weekend, and in fact didn't even crack them open during the car ride. I've just been eating them at my desk this week, like a machine: hand to mouth, hand to mouth.

I might throw what's remaining in the bag away soon.

At least I have that going for me -- I can and will throw away candy.

Just did it. Tossed 'em.

Sugar's just a habit for me, ya know? I legitimately can be pretty OK when it's not around, but if I run into a convenience store I go for the junk. Here's hoping I can get better at (not doing) this.


Other stuff:

I am PEEING so much.


I've got this giant, one liter water bottle that I keep filling up and sucking down, and it feels so great to drink it (not in a self righteous, look-at-me-drinking-water way, but in an actual, this-feels-physically-good way), but if I'm not in the loo 20 times a day!!!

Again: ugh.

Bailey's campaign slogan: Tired of the Flush.


Random, but I was just googling Tim Kaine -- because he's from KC ANNNNND went to Mizzou!!!!!!!! Holla! -- and saw the word 'gubernatorial' on his Wikipedia page.

I just love that word, don't you?

I mean, we're supposed to take it seriously, I suppose, because it's official and a 10 dollar word and whatnot, but c'mon. Goober?????

That's just comedy right there.

Also not quite as funny, but come to think of it it does make me giggle: I also love the word 'pandemonium.'

If someone says, "It's pandemonium in there," I'll probably at least smirk.


I'm getting dinner and drinks with two of my precious and oh so fun friends tomorrow night, and I just checked the menu (it's a BBQ place) to see if they have any quinoa.'s likely I'm gettin' something bad for me tomorrow night. You just walk in that place and deliciousness wafts over you.

And being a KC gal (like my new best friend Tim Kaine), well that just smells like home, don't it?

So, just FYI here on the weight loss trail, tomorrow Bailey is eating BBQ and washing it down with craft beer. OK? Great. Moving on.

(But then Saturday I'm working out and eating salad.)


Let's see, one more thought on weight loss and then we'll call it a day here.

Abby reported last night that my tummy's a lot smaller, and I actually feel a little bit slimmer today, but I did see my arms in the reflection of a store front today and just felt, well, swollen.

My spirits are up, though, and my confidence in my ability to work off the pounds intact.

I officially start half marathon training on Tuesday, and I am looking forward to it.

I'm doing a race in a gorgeous region this November, with two wonderful gal pals of mine, and I'm hoping my Pops can join us, too.

All righty, Homies. Keep it real. Be kind to yourself. Don't view unhealthy choices as failures; instead listen to your body's response and treat it like a friend: one you would listen to, respect, and respond to with grace. If it says it doesn't want Skittles, then maybe chill on the Skittles for a bit.

Healthy X's and O's,

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