Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Weight loss diary -- tired after work


I feel chubby and do NOT want to exercise right now.

Also I'm bored.

I had sushi and edamame for lunch -- not terrible, right? No? Yes?

Oatmeal for breakfast.

Cheez-It snack in the afternoon.

I hate being at this crossroads, where feeling chubby meets lack of energy.

I call that cross section Mehblargenschmf.

It's German.

Here's the thing. I had a big day at work. Just work work work work WORK!

So I'm checked out.

Bored, but not motivated to put on my swimmy suit and do some laps in the pool.

I honestly don't know where I'll land after I post this -- I may workout, I may not.

Also I miss Alex. He's out of town for some weeks, and I wish I could whine to him and get snuggled and just, well, be snuggled.

Also I'm drinking a beer. A Mic Ultra, low cal-ish, sort of.

That's all, I guess.

I just wanted to have a real check in, a snapshot of real life when one is trying to lose weight. That real picture of energy that's not quite there, long days of work, cravings for cold, low-cal beer.

What's frustrating is that for the first half of my work day I almost always am PUMPED for the gym later. Then 5:00 comes and I'm like, I cannnnnnn't.

And I would LOVE to get the workout out of the way in the morning, but I just know myself and that self never crawls out of bed until she absolutely has to.


Anyway. Wishing you all healthy thoughts and actions. Even though I'm not working out right now, I am cheering for YOU.

-- Bails

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