Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[Cat], Chandler, new word!

I am refraining from posting a

(truly remarkable)

photo of a certain animal I live with, because you guys hear about him enough and this truly remarkable event was really more impressive to my family who knows him better, soooo...

now I have to think of something else,

probably less remarkable,

to tell you all. Hmm...

I feel like I thought of something earlier today, but I'm not sure.

Well I don't remember. So, I was watching Friends and was going to tell you how Pete was one of my favorites of Monica's boyfriends (oh look, I just told you) and I was going to provide the clip where Chandler (who is listening to a smoking cessation tape at night which, unbeknownst to him, is designed for women) jumps up and down when Monica goes on her first date with Pete and tells her that just because he buys her dinner "doesn't mean you owe him anything!" Love it.

Anyway I couldn't find the clip.

So instead I'll tell you the new word I learned today. Have you guys ever heard of "hyphenate"? As a noun??! Check it out:

"A person who is active in more than one occupation or sphere."

Apparently it references to the hyphens between one's various titles, when they are so numerous and many.

"Bailey, the blogger-sleeper-eater." See, you see. ;)

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