Friday, April 15, 2011

Dinner Bell

I am sitting on my bed with my back to the edge. Dibbs is on the floor behind me.

He does this sometimes.

Just sits there and waits for me to get off the bed--oh you know, whenever--to feed him. If I really hang out for too long, he'll start to meow.

I just turned around to check on him (because it's hard to type about him, thus think about his adorableness, without then turning to look at him) and he gave me a little gurgled chirp.

He's also taken to pawing at the wall in the mornings. I don't have a headboard, so my mattress is just pushed up against the wall. So he jumps on the bed by my pillow and paws at the wall to get me up and pouring the Purina. "Get to gettin', Ma." At least I think this is what's happening in the mornings, I'm pretty out of it in the a.m. to be entirely sure.

[Pause while Daily Bailey checks on the cat behind her]

Yep, still there. Waiting patiently. See, I know he's hungry because otherwise he'd have jumped up here minutes ago and just snuggled in beside me.

See now I might not be in an adult committed romantic relationship that some people are in, but you have to give me credit for the communication understanding between me and this animal. I think it was two Christmases ago that Pat mentioned while he was home, "Bailey's done some good things with the cat," meaning I'd tamed him and made him more people-friendly. Or at least tolerant, since he knew he could escape to his mama when the Daily volume level simmered.

Uh oh. Two more stifled chirps. Gotta go.

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