Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring smooches

I saw something totally precious today. There were three students sitting next to each other in the class I TA for, and while greeting each other--I assume for the first time since spring break--they gave each other kisses on the cheek. Not in the "let's pretend we're European way," with one kiss on each cheek, but just one kiss on one cheek, to each person.

So. Student A kissed Student B, then Student C. Then Student C kissed Student A, then stretched across Student A's seat to kiss Student B. I think Student B kissed Student A, but not sure if she kissed Student C.

It was two girls and one boy.

I thought because they opted for the non-let's-pretend-we're-European way, it was very genuine, pure, mature, and sweet. Mostly just very sweet. It truly warmed my heart.

Now, since I just told you a story about returning from break, I will provide you with a review of my break. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Week in Pictures (the indicated dates may be off--all of my days kind of blended together, as you will see, haha. Please note also that not all days are recorded pictorially, which means, yes, I spent even more time than indicated below in S-Bucks. Please don't judge.):

Friday... (this one so captures my mood at that moment, and, for much of the week :)

Saturday (please note the recent manicure)...

I was quite creative with my time, eh?


  1. ted lopez, that's Mr. Ted to you!!April 8, 2011 at 6:53 PM

    uhhmm...are these images reflective of the attitude of a TA that has to grade so MANY HANDWRITTEN exams?!
    ted :)