Thursday, April 14, 2011

You get a little bit of everything in this post :)

Hey kids,

My Internet seems to be a little fussy so I'm gonna do a quick post here in case it decides to quit on me.

Great. I don't even know what to say.

I could tell you about how awful today and yesterday were for me, but sometimes I wonder if people get sick of hearing about all the crocodile tears I shed...

I could tell you how many mugs are on my coffee table right now...three.

I had some Skittles today. My research prof. mentioned Skittles on Tuesday, I think, and I said to Kelsey, "Skittles sound good." They were pretty good today, but I feel like I might have appreciated them more on Tuesday. But it's not like they were bad today.

I'm spent! Physically, emotionally. I just feel my droopy eyelids. I feel like I look like that dog, what's his name? Deputy Dog? Nope. Droopy Dog. No but seriously. They not only feel droopy, but earlier they were puffy (which only happens when I cry a lot--like I mentioned, baaad days, but moving on, I really don't want to bore/wear you guys out with the details...and it's not like I'm holding it in--I made my crybaby phone calls and emails to fam and friends earlier, so don't you worry, pals).

Okay I just realized what I should write about. I sent Nick an email earlier and told him I was wearing a new pink tank top that I bought with him in January, and he just wrote back asking me how the wearing of it was (because I was slightly excited to wear it--not even being sarcastic. I was only slightly excited considering my mood, my energy level, and the fact that I didn't expect to see anyone I knew in it--which I actually told Nick before I left for the park, and you will see the irony of that when you read on...--but I was genuinely a little happy to be wearing it). This is the response I'm about to send him:


i drove to a park and parked my car. i got out of the car. it was quite windy. i had put on my gray cardigan thing over it, and then wanted to tie it, but the wind was blowing the pink shirt completely up in the air! i had another tank underneath, so i wasn't revealing anything, but i was like "this is ridiculous" so i was trying to tack it down. well the wind just kept at it and then it was hard to even tie the cardigan. so i finally tucked at least one, if not more of the shirts in my jeans to get my clothes to CALM DOWN!

then i finally turned toward the path and i was like "wait, that's kyle!" and it was my friend kyle with his dog. he had headphones on so i didn't yell at him but then i ran to catch up with him. and then immediately after our greetings asked if he saw me during my shirt fiasco. he had, but didn't recognize me.

hilarious. had an audience and everything."

And...scene. ;)

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