Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back to the rubber oval

Well. I decided to kick off second semester by finally using my school's rec center. And I have to say.

I don't know how I feel about it.

It was so big!

And when I say that, I mean it both as a good thing and a bad thing.

It is so cool, hip, stylish, filled to the brim with workout options. It has racquetball courts--done.


It's so big!

I passed by the treadmill area, and saw people standing in a line, waiting for the next available machine.

A line.

Nuh uh.

So I went to the track. There was a staircase that ended right in the middle of one of the "straights" on the track.

I had to wait a good minute or so at the top of the stairs just to jump on, so I could jog to the corner area to stretch. Because it was that crowded. It felt like I was waiting for cars to clear off the street instead of humans beings off a rubber oval.

Then when I was actually running I felt like I was in the army, being hustled along. I imagined drill sergeants intermingled with us, shouting orders.

At other times, though, I felt like we were all in a race, and thought, "This could be good for my adrenaline."

I don't know, though. I kind of felt like I was at a mega church. Now, let me clarify and say that mega churches often do great ministry, and very often they have great pastors. Personally I feel it's great pastors that get the numbers rising in the first place--people want to listen to someone who's convicting, funny, honest. And, when I pick a church the preaching is the most important element to me. But when I walk into a service with 500+ people, I just feel like it's not for me.

For a lot of people, it's a very comfortable place to be; they can choose whether or not to be anonymous. Mega churches are usually really good about sanctioning off their numbers into smaller ministry groups so people aren't left on the wayside. Like I said, I truly feel that many mega churches do a great job of ministry. And probably some of their visitors or members appreciate that they can sink in the back row and just slip out after the service. Those huge churches just aren't for me. If a church I'm already attending becomes super huge, that's another story--I don't think I would jump ship based on numbers.

Which is why I'll give the rec center some more chances.

It just felt crowded and rushed. Maybe I was just cranky because it was my first time there, and I felt self-conscious. Maybe I felt like all eyes were on me just because there were so many pairs of them, even though they probably weren't looking at or judging me at all. I was so comfortable at my old gym because I went there all the time, but I probably felt awkward at first there too.

Maybe I was just grumpy because I'm out of shape.

:) Likely.

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  1. If you're looking for a new experience at the rec center, perhaps comparable to church camp or a retreat, Kellie and I are going to start rock climbing once a week... Join us if you're up for it!