Monday, January 24, 2011

Spring is more my color

I've been a little moody lately.

Those who know me a little better or have known me a little longer are currently rolling their eyes, FYI.

It's true, though. I'm in a funk in general, due to weather, lack of habitual schedule, more hours per day with cat than with humans...

I spent some time being anxious today, followed by cranky, followed by okay, followed by worried.

So, naturally, I called Nick. He didn't answer.

So, just as naturally, I called Riley.

He told me to go to the gym.

"Fine," I said.

I put on my work out clothes, sat down at my computer to check something.

And Dibbs proceeded to crawl right into my gym bag.

I emailed Riley to tell him about the message Dibbs was sending me--I translated it as "Don't go," however it could have also meant "Please take me to the lazy river for a bath!"--but because I was already dressed for aerobic activity, I gave Dibby kisses and left. And then I got in my car and saw what time it was and said, "Yeah, I'm not going to the gym."

I picked up my prescription, then headed to Wal-Mart for ink. Then Nick called, and we discussed love as I wandered the aisles.

Yeah, I didn't work out tonight. But I got the human connection I needed, drugs, fruit, and ink. And now, in just 14 short hours I'll be in the company of humans again.

Am I starting to freak some of you out? Sorry. Winter doesn't look that great on me.


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