Sunday, January 23, 2011

C&C in the M-Dub

I hate this time of year.

Depressing, cold, lonely. Ugh.


My apartment is almost clean, I exercised today (hit 3 miles for the first time in...months), and this will be the first full week of classes so even though a week from now I might be writing "I hate this time of year" for a whole other set of (overwhelmed by study) reasons, at least I can start to feel human again a little bit. You know, by being surrounded by other humans. Conversing with them. In person.


And to finish off this coming week, we will be celebrating

Kansas' 150th Birthday!!!!

Yay, Kansas! Yay, almost February, thus almost March, thus almost warm! And bright! And warm!

Dear California,

Please save a space for me in 2012. And, if possible, lower your cost of living.

Cold and Cranky in the Midwest

P.S. I have DVDs of The New Adventures of Old Christine to occupy me, so you needn't worry about me too much in the meantime.

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