Thursday, January 13, 2011

Billy cats gruff

If you came to my parents' house, you might see two kittens.

But what you would really behold are two dogs.

A piece of pizza mysteriously escaped the kitchen counter earlier today, and we are yet to locate it.

Suspects: two dog-like kittens.

After their pizza snack, BooBoo spent a good ten minutes trying to open a tube of Pringles. She didn't succeed, but apparently one of them knows how to open such a tube, or as a team they are able. Perhaps the pressure of a human audience was too much for them, who knows.

Anyway, we assume they can open the chips, because the other day Mom found them with an already open tube, chowing down.

I have removed Yogi from a bowl of peanuts this week. And what fell from his mouth was not a peanut, but a shell. He hadn't been there long, so I doubt he shelled a peanut. Which means this cat--pardon me, dog--is so ridiculous he will eat peanut shells!

I keep telling him he is not a goat. I don't think he understands English. Or he doesn't care. He's very quiet, that one, I think he's trying to play some innocent role and see if we'll buy it.

Other things I've caught the cats eating/pawing at in the kitchen:
  • cream of mushroom soup
  • chipped beef in a cream sauce
  • a tea bag
  • candy conversation hearts
And, since the cats brought it up, I guess I'll just take this opportunity to let y'all know that candy hearts are one of my faves. And, ya know, Val Day is right around the corner...Just sayin' (I prefer Brach's brand over Necco).

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