Thursday, January 6, 2011



Well, we just got semi-prepared for cotillion.

How, you ask?

By filling the bathtub with eucalyptus/spearmint epsom salt from CVS (the tub plugged with a milk jug cap--duh), scrunching all four* of our butts along the edge of the tub, and soaking them for a mini pedicure.

We drank champagne while soaking.

Then we lotioned up our feetsies.

Tomorrow is face mask day. We might need more champagne.

Today I purchased a dress. It's not formal, nor with a hump in the back.

However. It will probably have to do.

*Nick, Bailey, Matty, Jeffy


Well. As this is a public blog, I don't know that I should get too into any details. But I made a decision concerning a relationship, and now I'm suffering the consequences. And it just sucks to know that I made a decision and I have to deal with it.

Being an adult is hard. And when you all of a sudden "can't" contact a friend, it makes the healing/dealing part really hard.

It usually hits me in the evening, or after midnight (i.e., now), when everything--the shopping, the coffee, the pedicures--stops. But be sure: it hits.


(Prayers appreciated. Thanks, guys.)

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