Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bailey's, coffee, Netflix

I just watched Notting Hill for the first time,

and yes,

it has taken me all this time to finally watch it.

Nick and Sarah and I had already been to trivia night, and I had approx. 2 1/2 beers inside me, so I was rather sleepy, but Jeff informed me that I was not allowed to fall asleep during Notting Hill.

Well I did not. And the film was lovely.

Anyway. There is a scene in which Hugh Grant's character apologizes for being cranky for the past six months, because his mind is...elsewhere...thinking about a girl.

This resonated with me.


In my short time here in Chi-town (I really don't like that nickname, but it came out of me), I have met several of Nick's friends and have apologized to many, if not all, of them for being cranky. Because my thoughts have been drifting toward...a boy.

So when Hugh made his little confession I looked at Nick and asked if it reminded him of anyone.

He laughed.

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