Monday, January 31, 2011

Zinc, cat, collie

Settling in for a night at the infirmary (that's what my apartment will be called until A)I am healthy again and B)the weather allows outdoor travel), I called Riley to ask him which of my sweet 90s films I should watch to make me feel better.

As I was listing some options, he replied--with what I believe was envy--"You have Lassie?!"

Well, Riley decided Homeward Bound was not appropriate for tonight, I didn't want to watch Spice World without him and Caitlin, and Riley didn't want me to watch It Takes Two without him, so I settled on the 1994 version of Lassie.

It's awesome, guys. Seriously. I have always loved it. And I'm not a dog person.

Anyway. It has been a lot longer than I realized since my last viewing, because it felt like a little plot refresher course.

My favorite moment in tonight's re-viewing was the scene where Matt and April (played by current Academy Award nominee Michelle Williams, y'all) swap earrings!!! I mean, it all came back to me, but I had definitely forgotten about that scene. You could say it made my night.


  1. This post says a LOT about our shared movie taste.

    We do watch movies that normal people think are good, people!

    But these are clearly the best. :)

  2. you said it, brotha! the best indeed. tonight continues the 90s film festival in the blizzard of 2011.