Friday, January 7, 2011


This just in: The Daily family picture. In fact, the last Daily family portrait of 2010. This was taken on New Years' Eve in front of our favorite Chinese restaurant, where the original Dailys have been eating since childhood, and where, one by one, we have introduced new or soon-to-be Dailys.

It's kind of a precious practice, if you ask me.

Anyway, despite the fact that it was fah-ree-zing (as you can tell), we had to take the pic because
  • A) the Christmas season is often the only time each year we get together for a portrait (the term portrait being used loosely here, of course)
  • B) it's tradition.
  • C) we have a new Daily who wasn't here last year!
So, without further ado, let's analyze the photo, shall we? Yay!

  1. Belle (far right) = the cutest papoose baby I've ever seen in Kansas. It is difficult not to squeal upon viewing this.
  2. I messed up the picture. Hair in the face. Really, Bailey?
  3. Caitlin (5th from right) is posed for an engagement picture, except that she has her hands on me, not her fiance. However, her fiance and I have duplicate faces, so whatevs.
  4. Her fiance (4th from right) has his hair parted like a little boy/conservative businessman.
  5. I think Kelly (far left) is holding Jenny's purse. As in, he was probably trying to put his hand on her torso, but got a handful of handbag instead.
  6. While the rest of us are either wearing a scarf, hugging herself for warmth, swaddled in a protective blanket, etc., JENNY (3rd from right) is wearing sandals AND sunglasses. Also, she looks entirely unaffected by the temperature. Seriously, people, it was not comfortable. I'm smiling, but my mind was on getting my butt in a heated vehicle. Immediately.
Other than that, I have nothing else to say except how cute we are. Duh. Good work, Dailys. See ya next Dec. 31st.


  1. I'd say Jenny, who took Dot's Soc: The Family, and your mother, are the only true sensible ones wearing their winter jackets!! Good job, ladies!!
    And, from your trusty Editor here, JENNY is 3rd from the right, not left.

  2. Thanks, Care Bear! Fixed it all up! Miss you!