Monday, January 10, 2011

Seven year itch

Hello, Friends!

Okay, well I am aware of the fact that the blog has been a little photo-heavy lately, however.

The photo at the bottom of this post needs to be shared.

I spent the past week with my BFF Nick, and we have a way of...bickering...after we've spent approximately five days together. We're both aware that this means we love each other, because we are comfortable telling each other,

for example,

(I am just making these up, of course...)

not to light the votive candles until the party begins,


that one's driving skills are less than...what might be preferred.

Anyway. I don't know that I have any other friend with whom I can say such things and have such things said to me, harrumph in response, and still feel comfortable being in the same room with him, knowing that we are no worse for the wear. To me this is a triumph: friendship achieving a level of family.

Well it just so happens that Nick and I became friends just over seven years ago.* So this past week, as we bickered, I came to view us as having hit the seven year itch.

NOT! to say that our friendship is going to end. No divorce for these besties. No way. Why?

Well. Because Nick is an amazing friend. And I think he likes having me as a friend too...

And. Because we're so darn cute.

This morning Nick emailed me this visual depiction of what seven years as friends looks like. And I have to say, it looks pretty. darn. fabulous.:

*Which means we're old, because we were college freshmen seven years ago.

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